Nirmala Sitharaman says taxpayers deserve better services

On Friday, Finance Minister (FM) Nirmala Sitharaman while addressing a centenary celebration program of Nani Palkhivala said taxpayers are nation-builders and the government would come out with a charter of rights for them.


The event was organized by Sastra University. Nirmala further highlighted the steps taken by the government towards simplification in the process, increasing transparency and moderation in the tax rates to help the honest taxpayers.


“So I’m so happy that we are part of a government being led by a Prime Minister who honestly thinks the Indian taxpayer needs to be served better. And one of the announcements, which of course I made and I shall not elaborate on it now, is to give the Indian taxpayer a charter of its rights,” she said.

She also informed there are only a small number of countries in the world such as the UK and the US, that provide Charter of Rights for the taxpayer.

Remembering her announcement that she made during the Atmanirbhar campaign, Nirmala said the government is very keen to give Charter of Rights to the honest taxpayers and these rights will be coming up shortly. The budget has also announced about the Charter of Rights for taxpayers and taxpayers’ charter is likely to have statutory status. It aims to empower taxpayers by ensuring time-bound services by the Income Tax Department.

Again and again, she highlighted PM’s address ‘Kardata Rastra Nirmata’ which means ‘taxpayers are the nation-builders’. Counting on the contributions of the honest taxpayers, Nirmala said they help the government in carrying ahead social welfare programs that are necessary for the survival of the poorest of the poor.

She further said Prime Minister Modi has made it very clear that India has to make a tax system simple and easy for adherence for taxpayers and to achieve this target, the government has launched faceless assessment, reduction in scrutiny, and pre-filled tax form, among others.

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