Odisha gov puts a ban on firecrackers ahead of festive season


During the upcoming festive season, the Odisha government has decided to ban the sale of and use of firecrackers within the state. The firecracker ban will start from the 10th of November and will continue till 30th November.


What did the government say?

Odisha government has decided to impose a blanket ban on the sale and use of firecrackers from the 10th of November and will continue till 30th November within the state in view of the potentially harmful consequences of burning crackers amidst the ongoing pandemic situation and the approaching winter.


Commenting on the Diwali celebration, the state government said that Diwali can be celebrated in the traditional way by lighting earthen Diyas, candles, lights, and other traditional lighting materials and not by bursting crackers which will pollute the environment in return.

The government hopes that the prohibition on firecrackers will protect the health of COVID-19 infected patients and will help the public to fight against the virus.

After this decision, the Odisha government issued instructions to the local administrations and police and ordered them to take proper measures for the implementation of the order.

ban on firecrackers

But Why?

Firecrackers release a copious amount of toxic gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide which negatively impacts respiratory health, especially of the elderly, the children, and those with comorbidities.

This ban is not only done in the view of the outbreak of the pandemic in the state but also due to the approaching winter season in the state. During the winter season, the concentration of suspended particulate matter in the atmosphere increases, thereby affecting the respiratory health of people.

Not only Odisha but earlier this month the Rajasthan government has also decided to ban the sale of firecrackers within the state to protect the health of COVID-19 infected patients and the public from poisonous smoke.


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