Ola, Uber drivers on strike in Delhi-NCR from today

Ola Uber

Ola, Uber drivers on strike:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there had been enormous challenges for people working in different industries.


Problems faced by cab service drivers

The auto-drivers and Ola, uber drivers were the most affected. They suffered extreme losses due to the lockdown imposed by the Government.


Keeping in mind the struggling situation of the drivers, the Government decided to open the cab services with some essential restrictions.

The opening up of the cab services didn’t help the drivers much too. It was because there still are enormous people working from home.

People before used to take up the cab services like Ola and Uber to go for shopping, or to the movies too. Many people used to opt for these services while going to school, college, or their workplace.

The schools, colleges, and even the cinema halls are still under lockdown since the month of March. The above reasons made it harder for the cab services to earn a healthy amount of profit like before.

Fear of towing away vehicles

The moratorium (a legal authorization to debtors to postpone payment) ends today. The cab drivers are in the fear that banks will tow away their vehicles for the non-payment of the EMIs.

It is completely because of this fear that the cab aggregators Ola and Uber are on a strike from today in Delhi-NCR.

Ola Uber drivers

Demands of the strikers

They have a demand to extend the moratorium on the loan repayment keeping in mind the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are around 2 Lakh cab drivers who are on a strike as their appeals have not produced any action by the Government.

The President of Sarvodaya Drivers Association of Delhi, Kamaljeet Singh Gill said,

“due to the acute financial crisis caused by the lockdown, drivers are unable to pay their EMIs. The moratorium of loan repayment ended today and the banks are already pressuring us. Drivers are afraid that banks will tow away their vehicles for not paying EMI”.

The cab drivers are also demanding a hike in the fare due to the pandemic.

Gill said the fare should be fixed by the Government instead of the cab aggregators like Ola and Uber.

This strike will create problems for a huge number of commuters as Metro services too haven’t resumed yet.

“Most of the drivers are finding it difficult for their families at this time and have no means to fulfill their financial requirements. If the Government doesn’t help us, there is no way we can work without fear of losing our vehicles,” Gill said.

The drivers have also demanded to withdraw heavy penalties against them for speed limit violations.

The drivers have assembled near Himachal Bhawan at Mandi House to seek action on their demands by the Government.

Stay tuned for further details.

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