Opposition to boycott Rajya Sabha until MPs’ suspension is revoked

Boycott Rajya Sabha 8 MPs were suspended

8 MPs were suspended for indulging in violence in the upper house on Sunday during the session of Rajya Sabha. This decision enraged the opposition parties and are now demanding to revoke the suspension of the 8MPs. They are claiming that this decision is hypocrisy of the ruling party.


8 MPs of opposition parties are suspended for one week

On Tuesday, Congress senior leader Ghulam Navi Azad said that the decision of suspension of the members should be revoked and the opposition parties would boycott the monsoon session unless all the other demands are met. They are also demanding that Government should introduce a bill making it compulsory for private companies and even Food corporation of India will not purchase any produce from the farmers below MSP (Minimum support price).


The opposition parties have demanded to revoke the suspension of the member and introduction of the new bill to ensure that farm produce of farmers would not be bought below the minimum support price. Unless all the demand of the opposition are met, the members will boycott the proceeding of the monsoon session of Indian Parliament.

Rajya Sabha
Boycott Rajya Sabha

Opposition parties will continue to protest unless their demands are met

Ghulam Navi Azad is the opposition leader and said that whatever the chaos happened in the upper house is not admissible and brought displeasure to the ruling party as well the opposition parties. However he added that the house is like a family and disputes happen all the time within a family Ghulam Navi Azad has only tenure of five months left in his tenure.

In the violence of the members they stood on the table and broke the microphone. Th opposition leader explained that the members were upset due to lack of time and adding bills were not sent to the standing committee and hence all this anger stormed out this time creating chaos in the upper house.


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