Over 200 tourist visa holders from India and Pakistan stuck in Dubai, return home

200 tourist stuck in Dubai

Over 200 tourist holders from India and Pakistan stuck in Dubai, who were unable to satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria set by UAE immigration authorities, had to go back home on Thursday.


Since Wednesday, Almost 545 tourists visa holders from Pakistan and over 100 tourists from India, mostly seeking for jobs, have been stuck at Dubai International Airport.


Some sources at Pakistani and Indian diplomatics in Dubai, deserted passengers and travel companies in Dubai, confirmed the reports. On Thursday, around 1 pm, over 200 passengers from India and Pakistan have already returned to their homes.

Also, Sources at the airport confirmed that some other passengers coming from other countries like South Asia and Africa were also stranded at the airport in a similar situation.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai confirmed that the passengers were denied entry at the DXB because they were unable to meet the entry requirements.

Necessary UAE immigration regulations

According to the UAE immigration rules, passengers must carry a hotel reservation or a reference of relative and a return booking ticket.

The authority also clarified that the passengers who comply with the visa Rules faced no issues upon their arrival at DXB.

The mission of the Consulate General of Pakistan

The Consulate General of Pakistan informed that a total of 545 Pakistani who were on tourist visas and arrived in Dubai from the flights of PIA, Air Blue, flydubai and Emirates, were denied for the entry into the UAE on Thursday for not meeting the certain rules set by the UAE immigration authorities.

According to the statement of mission, around 169 people have been returned from Dubai to Pakistan since yesterday.

The mission statement read, “With the efforts of Consulate General, UAE authorities permitted some Pakistanis who meet the minimum eligibility criteria. The Consulate also made sure that food is provided to all the Pakistani passengers. A special team was led by the Consulate General  himself at the airport to streamline the passengers.”


Over 50 Indian passengers denied for the entry

The travel agents informed several passengers from India arrived on the flights of GoAir departed from Kannur and Mumbai on Wednesday.

Neeraj Agarwal, Consul – Press, Information, and Culture at the Consulate General of India in Dubai, said around 57 Indian passengers were deserted at the airport since Wednesday night.

He said that the consulate was notified of the passenger’s status through their helpline. According to the Consulate sources, 14 of them were allowed to enter Dubai but the rest of the passengers were stuck at the airport since last night. From the sources, they got the news that around 50 passengers were denied for the entry and they have returned home.

Consulate staff comes forward to help the passengers and they provided stranded passengers food, water, And other essential things required.


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