Oxford Covid Vaccine trial paused after participant falls ill

COVID Vaccine

The last stage trials for COVID Vaccine that are conducted by AstraZeneca and Oxford University are been put on hold after an unexpected illness was reported in one of the volunteers. According to AstraZeneca, it is a ‘routine’ pause in the case of ‘unexplained illness’.


The world is eagerly waiting for the vaccine

Vaccines are being developed by many pharma companies in many countries. Reportedly Russia has already developed the COVID vaccine, however, the applications of the vaccine on a larger basis are not yet uncovered yet. The world is looking forward to the results of the phase 3 trials which is the last stage for the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford university as it is one of the strongest contenders in the race of making a successful vaccine for Coronavirus.


Phase 1 and 2 successful

Following successful phase 1 and phase 2 testing of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine, hopes are high among people all over the world as this vaccine could be the first one to be made available in the market. Around 30,000 people from the US, UK, Brazil, and South Africa voluntarily participated in the clinical trials.

Corona Vaccine

Phase 3 trials of the vaccines are the most crucial stage in the development of the vaccine. It often takes several years to develop a vaccine for a particular virus.

Uncertain of the period before trials resume

The decision to resume the phase 3 trials could take several days as the trials are put on hold in the US as well on international testing sites. As it is not new in the vaccine trials that they are put on hold due to the unexpected illness among the participants, but as Oxford University is committed to the safety of the volunteers so it is likely to take time for Phase 3 trials to resume.

US President Donald Trump has put forward his wish that he wants the vaccine to be available before the US elections. But the citizens were made assured as the group of nine firms (9 leading developers of the vaccine) which took pledge this Tuesday to ‘uphold scientific and ethical standards’ in the search of the vaccine.


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