People of Israel upset of the govt. handling protest against Netanyahu

Israel: The rise in COVID -19 cases, reimposed coronavirus curbs, high unemployment Israeli’s are now on the lanes to protest against the government. The corruption allegations against the PM of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, who went on trial in may for fraud, breach of trust and bribery – charges he denies to accept.


Police used water cannons to disperse the crowd as hundreds of people congregated outside the PM’s residence in Jerusalem and then marched on the streets calling for Netanyahu’s resignation. Police told that at least two people were arrested.


In Tel Aviv, the commercial hub of Israel, thousands of people assembled for a rally by the beach, asking for better state aid to businesses hurt by COVID-19 impediments and to the people who have lost their employment and have been put on unpaid withdrawal.

Israel’s prevailing unemployment is 21percent. In May, Israel opened up many schools and businesses due to which the cases of COVID-19 are raised as because of the restrictions that have controlled the virus in the lockdown in the month of March.

As the rise in the cases, many public health experts told that the government had moved too quickly and has neglected taking the significant epidemiological measures to control or limit the epidemic once the economy reopened.


The PM has announced multiple economic assistance packages, some of them are yet to come while the others have captivated criticism for being unsuccessful.
Israel has reported almost 50,000 coronavirus cases and approximately 400 deaths. The population of Israel is nine million.

Me. Netanyahu contended to have received lavish souvenirs from his billionaire friends and exchanges regulatory favors with the media in response to the bribe charge on him.
The anger of the people of Israel has boiled over into strong protests over the past few weeks that have also resulted in violent skirmishes with police.

Due to the restriction on the massive gathering( social distancing), the protests are not in a massive scale but the rising frustration emerges to be the tremendous challenges Mr. Netanyahu has faced in his decade-plus power.

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