PM: Implementing NEP Collective Responsibility

Collective responsibility important of implementation of NEP

On Monday, Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi addressed India and said that the new NEP (National Education Policy) focuses on learning the Students’ interests and to develop critical thinking among them. PM Modi appealed the stakeholders to implement NEP in spirit to realize its full potential.


The youth will now be able to learn according to its interests rather than taking a specific stream. According to the National Education Policy, first since 1986, the compulsion to choose a stream to continue higher studies has been removed.


The more broad-based and relevant implementation

Addressing the inaugural session at the ‘Governors’ conference on the Role of NEP in Transforming Higher Education’ PM Modi gave voice to the importance of ‘Collective Responsibility’ of all the states and centers to implement the NEP to the ground level. The more the people will be associated with NEP, the more relevant and broad-based its implication would be.


More funding for Research and Innovation

President Ram Nath Kovind addressed the need for more funding by states and centers in the Research and Innovation such that it could bring the required momentum as needed by the Indian economy. The level of investment in Research and Innovation in India is far below than many developed and developing countries. It is only 0.7% of GDP in India as compared to the funding in the US (2.8% of GDP), South Korea (4.2% of GDP), and Israel (4.3% of GDP).

It is clear that the Indian economy now needs the Country’s youth to be more innovative and knowledgeable. India is experiencing a much-needed boost in the post-pandemic world while emerging as a new manufacturing hub after the downfall and hostility experienced by China throughout the world.

NEP still a matter of debate

NEP is receiving mixed reviews from different states and its implementation is a question because of the previous NEP which is being followed throughout the country. The new NEP would bring a huge change in the educational system of India. And is India ready for such a change? This is a question of debate among policymakers and state administrators.


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