Priyanka Gandhi is supposed to leave government bungalow in a month

Priyanka Gandhi, the general secretary of Congress has been asked to vacate her government allocated Lodhi Estate house in Delhi by August 1.
Priyanka has been asked to vacate her bungalow within a month after the government canceled the allotment.


After her SPG cover was withdrawn by the government in November 2019, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs canceled the allotment of Priyanka Gandhi’s bungalow.


“Consequent upon withdrawal of SPG protection and grant of Z+ security cover by Ministry of Home Affairs, which doesn’t have provision for allotment/retention of state accommodation on security grounds to you, the allotment of Type 6B house number 35 in Lodhi estate is hereby canceled with effect from 1 July,” the order said.

The Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has been living in the three-room Type VI bungalow since the year 1997.

Priyanka Gandhi

The bungalow was allotted to her despite being a personal citizen on the account of Priyanka Gandhi having been a Special Protection Group (SPG) protectee. The SPG rules allow all the protectees to get government accommodation and facilities, however, Priyanka Gandhi, pays rent for the bungalow.

After the amendment in the SPG Act, only the prime minister of the day and his/her immediate family and former PMs and their families only for five years are under SPG protection. Priyanka doesn’t fall in any of the mentioned categories.
Last year in November, the government had removed the Gandhi family — Sonia, Rahul, and Priyanka from the list of SPG protectees after the SPG Act was amended by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Gandhi family got SPG protection after the assassination of former PM Rajiv Gandhi.

However, the family continues to be under the Z-plus security cover by CRPF.
As per the Congress sources, Priyanka Gandhi will obey the government order and will soon vacate the bungalow. Sources further added that she will not be commenting on this move.


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