Punjab CM asks, “Is Jungle Raj persisting in Haryana?”, reacting on Anil Vij’s remarks

Anil Vij

Punjab CM– Haryana state Home Minister Anil Vij has said that Rahul Gandhi tractor rally won’t be allowed to enter the state. After a day, he made this remark, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Friday reacted to it and asked if a jungle raj is persisting there.


Amarinder Singh reacted sharply to the Home minister remarks and described it as a fruitless move to depress the voice of an angry nation.


Punjab CM Amarinder Singh’s reaction

Punjab CM warned that such dictatorship steps would only strengthen the resolution of the Congress party to fight for the rights of farmers.

The chief minister asked Haryana government in a statement, “Is there is Jungle Raj prevailing in Haryana that you can stop anyone, least of all a duly elected leader of a national political party, from entering the state or from raising his voice against the injustice being meted out to farmers.”

He said that seeing that the cases registered by UP police against Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi and lathicharge the farmers who were protesting against the farm bills in Haryana. It is cleared that the BJP government is bent to suppress the voice completely and violating the democratic rights cherished in the Constitution.

Punjab CM

The Punjab CM further said the Congress party will not be cowed by such dictatorial and undemocratic actions of the BJP led government, either in the Centre or the in the states.

He said, if they think they can break the will of The Congress party or suppress all the opposition parties with such dictatorship then they are living in a fool’s paradise.

History gives evidence that the voice of people only gets stronger if it is sought to be crushed by force, he warned.

Vij’s remarks on Rahul Gandhi rally

On Thursday, Vij had said that Rahul Gandhi supposed to be tractor rally won’t be allowed to enter the Haryana state.

Vij has told the Reporters, “They won’t be allowed to disturb Haryana’s atmosphere. Earlier, two Congress sponsored rallies were stopped to enter the state. Like that, we will not allow his rally to enter the Haryana and stop his rally.”

Rahul Gandhi is going to hold tractor rallies in Punjab and Haryana from October 4-6 in order to protest against the evil farm laws.


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