Punjab: Consultation on phone for Covid patients in home isolation

COVID patients home isolation

The Punjab Government has decided to start Consultation on phone for COVID 19 patients in home isolation to closely monitor their health and ensure proper care.


Institutional Home isolation monitoring system is a part of safety measures taken by the government to bring down the death rates in the states. For the monitoring purposes, the Government has hired a firm to reach out to patients at home quarantine on daily basis through voice and video calls for follow-ups, medical advice, and prescription. The


To reduce the pressure on the limited health care infrastructure in the state due to the increase in the rise of COVID 19 cases, the state government has given the option of home quarantine to infected people in May.

Recently, the government has given relaxations in the conditions for opting for home isolation, allowing asymptomatic/mild symptomatic elderly positive patients, aged above 60, having co-morbid conditions to opt for home quarantine.

Data of patients in home isolation

As per the latest updates on September 28, almost 10,924 patients are in home isolation across the state. With 526 patients, Jalandhar has the highest number of home quarantine patients followed by Amritsar, Mohali, and Gurdaspur where 970, 943, and 816 patients are home quarantine, respectively.


Currently, local administration and COVID 19 patients tracking teams monitor patients which are in home isolation in their respective Districts by visiting them at least three times during the quarantine period. Due to manpower limitations and more and more people opting for home quarantine, health care workers are facing difficulties in monitoring these patients.

How will the firm monitor the patients at home quarantine?

According to the plan, the health department will provide the data of patients in home isolation to the firm on a daily basis.

Then, the trained staff of the firm will call each patient daily to take a record of their health. Apart from making them aware of the COVID 19 protocols, they will be explained how to use the medical kit provided to them free of cost.

Phone numbers of doctors whom the patients can call 24×7 will share with the patients. And those who will be found violating the COVID 19 guidelines will be shifted to the state isolation facilities.

On Monday, Principal secretary of Health, Hassan Lal held a meeting of the shortlisted firm, said that all patients will be called for a minimum of 10 days. He said all the modalities have been worked out and the firm will start working from October.


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