Pushing back against Chinese ambitions including Galwan Valley: USA

Galwan Valley

Galwan Valley: Among the fresh tensions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the USA has to insist that it will push back against China in every domain possible including territorial ambitions.


Stephen Biegun, US Deputy Secretary of State, stated that their strategy is to push back against China in virtually every domain. They have done it in the security area. And they are doing it in terms of outsized demands to claim sovereign territory. So whether it’s in the Galwan Valley of India on the India-China border or whether its in the south Pacific. He stated this hard-hitting remarks in support of Delhi among the fresh tensions along LAC.


Highlighting the Trump’s administration current China’s policy, Biegun noted that The president has led a charge against the vulturous practices of the Chinese economy and said that Phase one of the deal is the first step and many more phases have to be cleared in years ahead to balance out US-China economic relationship.


Referring to the past policies he added 20 years ago, when the initiative was really launched in earnest with China’s entry in the World Trade organization, many policymakers betted that the weight of the institution’s China was joining would slowly redirect the Chinese political government and the interests to a point where china would become more invested in rules-based order and that if it not making it a true democracy, would at least moderate the tendencies of the Chinese government that will make it a better partner for many of us around the world.

These are some remarks made by Biegun at a Forum organized by US India  Strategic Partnership Forum.

The US diplomat also made interesting remarks about the future of the Quad. He described the Quad as a non-exclusive formation, a principle which India has been promoting.

He added that India has recognized that it can’t be a passive player in the development throughout Indo Pacific. So it is a variety of factors that are underpinned by that historical shared value of the democracy and what the Quad really illustrates. Also, the Quad is not exclusive, there is plenty of reason to bring other countries in this discussion as well.

It should be noted that Biegun has been part of Quad plus (Vietnam-South Korea- New Zealand) virtual meetings that included Indian Foreign Secretary over the last few months to advance common interests in the region including the spread of COVID.

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