Rafale fighter jets landed in Ambala. A timely boost to Indian Air Force.

Rafale fighter jets landed in Ambala Air Base.

The Indian Air Force has received Rafale Boost. There are 3 single-seat jet and 2 twin-seat jets all the 5 planes landed at Ambala Cantt Air Base. Rafale is a twin-engine multi-role combat aircraft.

This aircraft is developed by French aircraft manufacturer Dassault. Rafale is capable of ground support, Aerial reconnaissance, Interception, Nuclear deterrence.

Some Specifications of Rafale:

  • It has a top speed of 2223 km/h
  • Having the max weight of 24.5 tonne
  • It has a shooting range of 3700km
  • Height of 5.3m
  • length of 10.3m
  • It has a loading capacity of 9500kg

About the missile system of Rafale:

Rafale has Meteor beyond visual range air to air missile. The missile is powered by a unique rocket-ramjet motor that gives it far more engine power. For much longer than any other missile.

It has Israeli helmet-mounted display and radar warning receivers. Rafale has low band jammers that jam enemy radio. 10 hours of flight recording with Infra-Red search Tracking systems.

India has already ordered Rafale before but due to some complications, the deal has got corrupt.

In Sept 2016, India ordered 36 Rafale fighter jets from France at a cost of around Rs 59000 crore.

On Monday morning (July 27).

The fighter aircraft had taken off from the Merignac Air Base in the French port city of Bordeaux. These 5 aircraft had flying for almost 7 hours nonstop. These aircraft have reached the destination with the help of the refuellers.

They had covered a distance of 5800 km and landed late in the evening at Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates.

And they planned to move for the Ambala Air Base in the morning on 29th July. The Ambala Air Base is about 2700 km far from the U.A.E Al Dhafra Air Base. These jets covered about 8500km distance from France to India. All 5 fighter aircraft touch down safely in Ambala Air Base around 3:10 pm according to the Indian standard time (IST).

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