Samsung TV business has grown greatly in USA, in last few years

Samsung TV business has grown greatly in the United States of America and has been most successful in the era of social distancing and work from home. Earlier this year, the company has topped an all-time high Global market share and now has been in the strongest position in the US market than it’s ever before.


Company business has grown greatly in the last 12 months

According to a report by Pulse stating about market research firm Statista, Samsung has occupied a huge share of the Smart TV market in the USA and has risen too much from its closest rival in the last 12 months.


Samsung is dominating the Smart TV market since last year and Now, Samsung Electronics holds 32% of US market shares and remains the top OEM in the region. This indicates that one out of every three Smart TV sold in the USA is made by Samsung in the past 12 months.

Samsung’s TV ahead from its rival companies

The company has come further up by an additional 1% from its rival, TCL, which is the second most influential TV producer in the USA. TCL is selling TVs under the brand Alcatel and is the second most TV maker in the USA with a 14% market shares. Vizio occupies third place in the US market with a 13% market shares.

Samsung TV business

Wide varieties of Smart TVs

A part of the Samsung company’s success in the US market can be described as the company’s rich product portfolio. A person can buy 32-inch 4K QLED Samsung TV in the USA around an amount of $500 or you can get water and dust resistant The Terrace for outdoor viewing for about $6,500. In other words, the company has Smart TVs for everyone and every occasion, and not even a single portfolio of OEM comes closer to that of Samsung.

Offers for customers on a regular basis

Samsung also has the advantage of around the ecosystem and customers can have the option of discounts on Smart TVs while buying products from other categories like smartphones.

Last month, the company launched a Total Home Event in the USA, in which it allowed all its customers to have 25% of cashback on selected products including QLED TVs.

There is no chance of Samsung Tv business getting slow in the USA anytime soon and if the company maintains to be at the top in the US market then it could even increase its share in upcoming months.


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