SC gives protection to Punjab’s ex-DGP Saini from arrest, in Multani murder case

On Tuesday, The supreme court granted temporary protection to former DGP Sumedh Singh Saini from arrest in the 1991 Balwant Singh Multani murder case.


A three-judge Bench led by Justice Ashok Bhushan said, ” This is a case of 1991. After 30 years, what is the hurry to arrest him… We will grant Saini time to file a reply.” He added that he would not be arrested till further orders.


However, the highest justice asked Saini to co-operate with Punjab police in the investigation.

Saini challenges High Court order

On September 7, Punjab and Haryana High court dismissed his plea for an anticipatory bail in the Multani kidnapping and murder case. And he challenged this Punjab and High court order in the supreme court.

The court issued a notice to the Punjab government asking for a response to the Saini’s Anticipatory bail in the case within three weeks. And it gave Saini one week’s time to file his reply.

The case is likely to have further hearings after four weeks.

What happened with Multani?

Multani, a junior engineer with Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Corporation, was allegedly kidnapped by the police in December 1991 after suspected in a terror attack in which three policemen got killed. Saini was also got injured in the attack.

Saini’s problem started this May when he was called in a police station in Mohali with six others for the alleged kidnapping and murder of Multani in the year 1991. The murder charges were added in August month when two of the accused policeman spilled the information during the investigation.

Multani murder case

Arguments inside the Court

On the behalf of Saini, Mukul Rastogi, a senior advocate submitted that it was a serious matter of reputed policemen being bothered.

Rastogi told the court, “This is a very serious matter. He is a decorated officer… A dedicated and hardworking officer who suffered bullet and injuries.”

Rastogi further told, “I (Saini) was then SSP when I was Targeted by the terrorists. Multani was a proclaimed offender in the case.”

He further added that the state government is after him because he filed two charge sheets in which Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh was an accused.

Narrating the sequence of events since 1991, The advocate said that the FIR against Saini has been filed mala fide manner

On the behalf of Punjab, senior advocate, Siddharth Luthra said to counter the arguments given by Rastogi that The High court had noticed that Saini used to frightened others. The high court also noticed that the victim had surrendered to death because of his injuries after Saini treated him very badly.

Saini is also facing a trial in CBI court in Delhi for the alleged kidnapping of automobile businessman Vinod Kumar, his brother-in-law Ashok Kumar and their driver Mukhtiyar Singh along with three others.


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