Schools to reopen on Tuesday in China

Schools to reopen

Schools to reopen in China: It is believed that the COVID-19 virus was originated in the Chinese city Wuhan. It was the hardest hit by the corona-virus. The city was locked down for more than two months from late January.


In April, the lockdown was lifted and since then the City is returning back to normalcy and has not reported any new local transmission of coronavirus case since 18th May.
Now, the city has planned to reopen all its schools and kindergartens on 1st September (Tuesday)


More than 2,842 schools to reopen in China educational institutions will reopen their doors to almost 1.4 million students when the autumn semester gets underway, as the local government announced on 28th August (Friday). The Wuhan University will also reopen on Monday (30th September).

The city has also launched an emergency plan for the future, of getting back to online teaching if the infection risk level increases. It is also advised to wear masks to and from and in the school premises and also to avoid the use of public transportation if possible.

An order has been given to all the schools in the city to stock up on disease control equipment ( like sanitizing machines) and to carry out drills and training sessions to help prepare for new emergency outbreaks.

Schools to reopen in China

A restriction is imposed on unnecessary mass gatherings in schools and has to submit daily reports of the school to the Health authorities.

All the foreign teachers and students who haven’t received any notice of joining back from their school are restricted to return.

The other countries are still struggling with the Coronavirus epidemic and the virus originated country has recovered so well and the earliest is difficult to digest the news for other countries.

India had a lockdown of more than 4 months and still, the condition is not up to mark.

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