See the fateful aftermath of Peruvia’s big decision in ASH and THORN 4th Issue and latest news

ASH and THORN 4th Issue: Ahoy comic is an American comic publisher that was founded in 2018. The backup material with every comic distinguishes Ahoy comic from other comic publishers. Hart Seely(producer), Frank Cammuso ( chief creative officer), Stuart Moore ( editor), and Tom Peyer (editor) are key people of Ahoy.


One such book is Ash and Thrown of which the fourth issue will be out soon. To know more about the preview and release date of the fourth issue continue reading further.


Ash and Thorn fourth issue:

Peruvia decides to join the dark forces instead of fighting with them. Knowing Peruvia’s decision, Lottie does not seem to be happy. It looks like their fate follows a different story with both falling apart. We saw that at one time both wanted to save the world together. But now what will happen once Peruvia decides to join the dark forces?  How will they fight the darkness? Will destiny make them enemies?

All the questions will be answered in the fourth issue. So, to know the truth, read the upcoming fourth issue.

Release date of the fourth issue:

The first issue was released on 24 June 2020 followed by a second one on 8 July 2020. Both the issues had 31 pages each. But the third issue published on 29 July had a page count of 32 pages. What about the fourth issue?


The fourth issue of Ash and Thorn will be out on 19 August 2020. The page count will be 32 pages. Further, the fifth issue of Ash and Thrown is expected to release next month.

Also, this will be the last issue of the comic. So it seems that exciting things are on its way.

More about Ash and Thorn

Ash and Thorn are written by Mariah McCourt with the art by Soo Lee. Further, the comic is colored by Pilla Bowland and lettered by Rob Steen

The comedy and fantasy-based comic are about an old lady who set out in the dark world in order to save it. The comic is an adult comic and is suitable for the readers above 17 years of age.

Where can you read Ash and Thorn?

You may read Ash and Thrown on ComiXology and League of comic geeks. 

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