Shashi Tharoor’s Reply To Kerala Minister On Centre’s Airport Move

Shashi Tharoor’s Reply To Kerala Minister: Shashi Tharoor is defending his stand in the favor of center government decision to give the lease of Thiruvananthapuram airport to a private company for 50 years. Shashi Tharoor has supported the center’s decision and said it will expand the potential of airports and attract new investors.


In a tweet, Kerala Finance minister, Thomas Issac accused the Thiruvananthapuram MP of supporting the corporates bid to accumulate wealth in India while ignoring the successful model of state-run Kochi International Airport.


In his tweet, he said that ” Shashi Tharoor so eloquent for primitive accumulation of British India but so Vocal for primitive accumulation of corporates in contemporary India. When we have a successful model of CAIL in Kochi. Why does Tharoor consider Adani indispensable for TVM?”

In reply to the Kerala Finance Minister’s tweet, Shashi Tharoor said that you miss the point here. The point is to expand the potential of the airport and was not the revenue.

Shashi Tharoor further justified his point by quoting the example of how the Airport Authority of India was getting crores fro private firms for operating in Delhi and Mumbai airports. He added that Kerala also stands to benefit from the Business investment that a fully utilized airport would attract.

Shashi Tharoor

Thomas Issac accused Shashi Tharoor hours later when Shashi Tharoor fully promoted a union minister Hardeep Puri explanation on why the Kerala government didn’t qualify the international bidding and lease went to Adani Enterprises.

Shashi Tharoor has already been facing so much criticism for his stand in the favor of center’s decision. He has been criticized by not only Left parties in Kerala but also from his own Congress party.

But he is sticking to his stand and said that I am not like that politician who says one thing in front of voters and something else in the political convenience

The Left government in Kerala and the Congress-led United Democratic Front has been opposing the decision of lease given out of Thiruvananthapuram airport.

Last year in February, Adani Enterprises was declared winner to run six airports in the bidding process as it was the highest bidder. The Centre approved the proposal of leasing out three out of six airports that is Ahemdabad, Mangalore, and Lucknow in July 2019.

The union cabinet approved leasing out Thiruvananthapuram, Jaipur, and Guwahati on August 19 this year.

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