Since 2015, Delhi breathes the cleanest air in August. All the information is here !!

Delhi breathes the cleanest air in August: The month of August is recorded the cleanest air quality month since 2015 in Delhi. For 3 days the air quality of Delhi remains at a good level on the AQI (Air Quality index) board.


According to the CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) data, on these dates 13, 20, 24 of August the air quality was standstill at a good level. CPCB data also states that Since 2016 the pollution level in Delhi is falling rapidly which is a good sign of the people of Delhi. Before that Delhi has no record of getting good-air days since April 2015.


According to health officials in Delhi, 40 percent of people in Delhi have not good lung capacity as compare to other states. Here are the ratings according to which the air quality is measured.

Air Quality Index (AQI)

  • 0-50 is taken as good air quality
  • 51-100 is satisfactory
  • 101-200 is moderate it is the normal rate for Delhi as it is an Urban Area.
  • 201-300 is poor
  • 301-400 is very poor which causes problems like asthma and many other lung problems.
  • 401-500 is considered severe which causes the death of asthma patients and breathing problems.

On 13 August 2020, the air quality is between 0-50 rating and the continuous two days after that which is 20 and 24 August are between 40-45. This year is also declared as the cleanest air quality year of Delhi.

Delhi August

This is possible because of lock-down too. In the lock-down, most of the movement of vehicles in the city was banned. At that time air quality was between 51-100 which is considered as Satisfactory.

Also, 2020 has been the cleanest year in terms of air quality as it has recorded the maximum number of good-air days so far. Air pollution levels reducing in Delhi are decreasing every year. The overall quality of air in Delhi is 39.

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