Supreme Court rejects the PIL for the postponement of Assembly elections in Bihar

The Supreme Court has dropped the demand for holding elections In Bihar. A PIL (Public Interest Litigation) is rejected by the three-judge bench whose leader is Ashok Bhushan. This PIL is filed by Avinash Thakur for the postponement of the Bihar election. These assembly elections are meant to hold in October 2020.

His PIL describes the issue of increasing COVID-19 cases in Bihar and Flood in Bihar because of a flood of about 2 lakh people who have lost their homes and livelihood too. And he also states that it is not the right for holding the assembly elections. The health of citizens is the first most important thing than assembly elections

This PIL also contains news clipping which states that Chief Election Commissioner says the assembly elections for 243 members in Bihar will be held on its usual time.

Election Commission also ensures that they will take care of all the precautions while holding the assembly elections in Bihar. The petitioner’s counsel Neeraj Shekhar states that any political, social, and cultural gathering is ban in Bihar so how it is possible to hold elections in this time of the pandemic.

He also stated that all the politicians and workers are preparing for the upcoming elections no one is looking after the floods and COVID-19 situation in the state. He requested the supreme court to look after its Election Commission (EC) s’ decision and make the decision which is in the favor of the Bihar s’ people.

The Supreme court 3 judges bench stated that “the supreme court cannot interfere in the process assembly in Bihar as it is the decision of Election Commission”. Now the petitioner Neeraj Shekhar has decided to withdraw his plea for the postponement of the Bihar assembly elections and made a request last time at Ec s’ headquarters.

Earlier, political parties like Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) has made a request to the election commission for the postponement of the elections but that was also got rejected by EC.


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