‘That’s no way to talk about friends’: Biden slams Trump over ‘filthy’ India

Biden slams Trump

With less than 10 days for the closing of voting for the Presidential elections in United States, which is set for November 3, both the Presidential candidates, current US President and Republican nominee Donald Trump and former vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are sparing no chance t attack the rival in any way possible.


Trump tried to defend himself for pulling out of Paris records and for doing nothing for global challenge of climate change


While defending his record on climate crisis and his decision on exiting the Paris accords, Donald Trump alleged countries like India, China and Russia for more pollution and said that the countries have “filthy air”. Attacking Donald Trump, Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden slammed US President and rival saying that calling India “filthy” is not the way to speak about friends. He also added that this is not how you solve global challenges such as Climate change.

biden And Trump

Biden clearly conveyed that he is in support of India and US strong partnership and cooperation

Joe Biden also added, referring to his running mate Indian-origin Kamala Harris that he and his running mate will put forward respect before any foreign agreements. During the speech to defend himself form Biden’s outrage over slippage of global challenges such as Climate change by Trump administration, Donald trump said that everyone should look at China, Russia and India that their air is so filthy. He also attend in his defence in pulling out of the Paris accords that US was going to spend trillions of Dollars, but were treated unfairly when they put US in there and did the country a big disgrace.

Biden campaign along with Indian Americans responded angrily this time complaining that Trump has proven form time to time that he has disdain for India as as for the people which draw their heritage from south Asian countries.


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