The legal and legislative committee of Kuwait national assembly has given a thumb’s up to expat quota bill

The legal and legislative committee of Kuwait national assembly has given a thumb’s up to expat quota bill

On 2nd July 2020, the Prime Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah proposed a reduction in the number of expats from 70% to 30% of the total population of the legal and legislative committee of Kuwait. The national assembly has approved the draft expat quota bill, according to which Indians should not exceed 50% of the population.

Kuwait national assembly: The bill is to be transferred to the respective committee so that a comprehensive plan is generated. The national assemblies legal and legislative committee has regulated that the draft expat quota bill is constitutional.

This reported that this bill will result in 800,000 Indians living in Kuwait as the Indian community consists of the largest expat in Kuwait, about 1.45million. After Indians, the Egyptians are the second-largest community in Kuwait with up to 10% of Kuwait’s population.

Out of 4.3 million population in Kuwait, the expat count is 3 million. Kuwait is also a topmost source of remittances for India. In 2019, India received about $4.8 billion from Kuwait as remittances. Kuwait’s own citizens are turning into a minority. Kuwait has been working to reduce its dependence on foreign workers.

Kuwait national assembly: This bill is seen as an abstract of the fact that Kuwait no longer wants to remain an expat majority nation. Coronavirus and the sink in oil prices have been contributing factors in the downturn in its economy and a growing racket among parliamentarians for reducing the number of expatriates.

So far India hasn’t made any statement on this issue in past, India played the role of the Indian community in Kuwait as an important factor in bilateral ties. This issue has to be taken care till Kuwait reaches a ” final adjustment to the population in future” aa the Kuwait government is keen on cooperating with parliament on this issue.

The Kuwait Times reported that hundreds of thousands of Indians living in the country if the bill is approved would be ” an impossible task by all means”. Indians are present in all segments of the society in Kuwait and are largely considered disciplined, hard-working, and law-abiding.

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