The US has formally notified the UN of its decision to withdraw from the WHO

The US has formally notified the UN of its decision to withdraw from WHO.
US has been a part of the WHO constitution since 21st June 1948 but now the president has planned to draw out of the WHO. The Trump administration has formally notified the UN of its decision to withdraw the US from the World Health organization, breaking off the ties with the Global health body, amid the infuriated coronavirus pandemic.


The US has also has charged the WHO of siding with China on the outbreak of the virus which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan last year, resulting in a very dangerous and problematic situation with over half a million death globally, including over 130,000 in America alone.


President Donald Trump said he was praising funding to the organization in mid-April and announced his intention from Who in may after he said it “ failed to make the requested and greatly needed reforms.”
In April the US stopped funding to WHO as the Trump administration reviewed the ties. A month later, the president declared the US has terminated the relationship.

The US is the single largest contributor to the WHO providing over USD 450 million per annum. China’s contribution to the global health body is about USD 40 million, one-tenth of that of the US. Senator Robert Menedez, the top Democrat on the senate foreign relations committee tweeted that Congress has received the notification that President Trump has officially withdrawn the US from the WHO.


A one year notice has to be given before leaving the WHO, meaning the withdrawal won’t go into effect up until 6th July next year, raising the upcoming presidential elections on 3rd November this year.

Response of others

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the withdrawal move as ” an act of true senselessness.”

Several Congressman also criticized it by saying “ it would be a bad policy”

Joe Biden, who will challenge Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election tweeted: “ On my first day as President, I will re-join the WHO and restore our leadership on the world stage.

It’s self – defeating and dangerous to withdraw the US from WHO at this height of global pandemic said House majority leader, Stent Hoyer.

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