‘Theaterisation to take number of years,’ says army chief General Naravane

chief General Naravane

On Wednesday, Army chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane said that the proposed creation of theatre commands which will increase synergy between the three services under military would be a very deliberate and thoughtful decision and process. He also added that some mid-course corrections might be needed along the way.


Army Chief spoke about the theaterisation during his address to officers and faculty in a college


Placing specific units of the army, the navy and the air force under an operational control of an officer form any of the one services which depends on the function assigned to that particular command is regarded as Theaterisation. Army Chief gave his comments during one of his address to the officers and faculty at the Secunderabad-based College of Defence Management. He spoke about many various issues which included tri-service integration, theaterisation along with modernization of the military forces of India.

Manoj Mukund Naravane

Being India’s first chief of defense staff, General Bipin Rawat authorization includes facilitating the restructuring of military commands so that the optimal utilization of all the resources takes place by bringing convention and so called jointness in operations which include establishment of theatre commands in three years.

Decision of appointing CDS (Chief of Defense Staff) was momentous and a long standing demand of Forces

The Indian Government decision of appointing CDS (Chief of Defense Staff) for he very first time and create a department of military affairs (DMA) was a momentous decision and that the Indian Armed services needed to demonstrate great wisdom and statesmanship in enabling Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) which was the long standing demand of Indian armed forces. The next very logical step in the process to reform defense is to create the integrated theatre commands to synergize the capabilities and combat potential of the three Indian Military services during the situation of war and peace.


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