Thor To Be The Only Original Avenger in The 5th Movie?

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 lined up just around the corner, the next couple of years look pretty crowded with releases and important announcements- provided that the effects of the ongoing pandemic did not hamper a lot of the production and shooting process. It includes 10 movies and Disney+ shows- including Black Widow, Loki, Hawkeye, and Thor. But is there an Avengers 5 in the works? Let’s find out.

Thor will clearly be around in the new era of movies since he’s the only Avenger left who has not either died (wipes tears) or retired from their role. But there COULD be a fifth movie in the Avengers series and it is clear from the current trend that Thor will be the only original team member as a part of it. Why do you ask? Let’s start a count on our fingers. Tony Stark sacrificed his life to save humanity, only for it to plunge head-first into the coronavirus pandemic (Are you serious!?); Hawkeye is set to star in his own Disney+ TV series alongside Kate Bishop, who is projected to take his place as a superheroine (Yay! Girl power); The Incredible Hulk? His future with MCU is as uncertain as to the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. Steve Rogers chose a life with Peggy Carter over a life with MCU (sighs).

We love you anyway, Cap. That leaves us with Loki’s arch-enemy slash brother. According to ScreenRant, “Thor can easily have a future beyond Thor: Love and Thunder even if characters like Jane Foster and Beta Ray Bill can replace him, as the audience wants to see more of him now that he changed for the better, and there are still many stories that can be explored as he isn’t human, meaning he can live longer than other characters.” This is noteworthy in the sense that because he is the only original Avenger who is still alive in present AND has a standalone Phase 4 film. How cool is that!? We adore you, God of Thunder. 

Given the huge fanbase of the movies, it is only natural for Avengers 5 to have at least a single original teammate, as an ode to the legendary group of superheroes and heroines. His sense of humor will keep the heavy hearts of fans light as they remember the movies they spent their ENTIRE childhood obsessing over. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. We are hoping for the best, though. Stay updated through our articles!

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