TikTok owner Bytedance can move its headquarters from China to UK

TikTok owner ByteDance can move it’s headquarters from China to UK.


One of the most popular short video application owned by a Chinese tech company ByteDance announced that it was planning to shift it’s headquarters from China to UK.
India has already banned 57 Chinese apps including TikTok and this app has also faced several problems regarding its banning.


Microsoft is now the only buyer of TikTok as it’s claiming to buy it for its US operations and gave the two firms a time of 45 days to come up with the deal.


What does the news say about TikTok owner Bytedance?

The Sun, the UK newspaper reported on 3rd August 2020( Monday) that the ByteDance founders will soon announce their set up shop for TikTok in London. Till now Google and Facebook are the strongest tech companies there.

A spokesman from the ByteDance company tells about the report that “ ByteDance is committed to being a global company. In light of the current situation, ByteDance has been evaluating TikTok’s headquarters outside of the US, to better serve our global users.

The location of TikTok’s headquarters was the decision for the company as the UK government reported on Monday. According to a source, London is among one of the locations decide to shift, but no confirm decision has been announced yet.

TikTok is expected to increase the size it’s workforce in London and some other locations too, outside China.

The Sunday Times reported that Tiktok has planned to open its headquarters in Britain and that’s why has broken off its relations with the UK. In regard to this TikTok has declined to comment or react.

US President Donald J Trump and some other American politicians also have claimed that the Chinese app may cause a security risk or a security issue to the country.

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