Trump ‘deliberately misled’ Americans on Covid-19, says Kamala Harris


Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris has said that US President Donald Trump “deliberately misled” Americans on coronavirus,  on the basis of the Trump’s comments in the book ‘Rage’ authored by senior journalist Bob Woodward. The book ‘Rage’ is set to release on September 15, has stirred several controversies around Trump’s presidency which could lead to the downfall of Republican Presidential candidate and present US President Donald Trump in the Presidential elections which are just a few weeks from now. The elections are on November 3.


Woodward’s book could create problems for Trump in upcoming elections

In the book, Woodward claimed that in the several interviews with Trump, he admitted that he knowingly minimized the risk of the coronavirus, which did cost the lives of lakhs of people in the United States.


Trump, on his part, tried to deflect the blame on his opponent Joe Biden of being too ‘weak’ on China and accused his family of selling the country to the Chinese Military.


Twitter and Facebook will not allow misleading information to be posted on both media platforms

However, on Thursday twitter announced that from the next week it will start removing and stop labeling the false and misleading claims that could try to undermine the public opinion in the upcoming elections.

Twitter added that the tweets that attempt to undermine the citizen’s faith in the elections over the false claims of ballot tampering and other misleading information, would be directly handled by the police. The policy goes into effect September 17, a few weeks before the November 3 US presidential election.

Last week, Facebook also announced that it will restrict new political ads in the week before the election and remove posts that convey misleading information about COVID-19, government policies, and elections voting. It will also attach links to official results to posts by candidates and campaigns that preterm declaration of victory.

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