Trump slams ‘China-dominated’ WHO, says ‘was right’ on not imposing lockdowns

Trump And Who

United States President Donald Trump once again opened on the WHO (World Health Organization) and how he was right on quitting being a member of WHO and not following its guidelines. He said that he was right about not following the guidelines for lockdowns for countries and added that the global health body was wrong about everything and is dominated by China.

Trump said that the democratic countries did not take the right decision of imposing lockdowns

In his rally in Sanford, Florida, Donald Trump said that now WHO has realized its mistake and admitted that Donald Trump was right for not imposing lockdowns. In his speech he added that these lockdowns are doing huge damages in the democratic countries where the Governments have imposed lockdowns.


US walked out of WHO in July this year alleging that the organization is working for China

US did quit WHO in the early time period of Global pandemic alleging that WHO is a puppet of China working to hide the fact that the virus that caused deaths of millions of people originated from China. President Donald Trump said that China is paying USD 39 million per year which has population of 1.4 Billion on contrast to the funds of worth USD 500 million from United States.

In his speech at the rally Donald Trump referred to the remarks of David Nabarro, WHO Envoy who in his recent quotes in media said that the restrictive measures such as lockdowns are the only last hope of curbing the virus which has caused global pandemic.

From the start of this deadly pandemic period, Trump has openly criticized WHO for working with China and pulled out US in July from WHO including the joint global effort led by WHO to develop, manufacture and distribute vaccines as developed by different countries.


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