Trump slams Facebook, Twitter as ‘third arm’ of the Democratic party

Democratic Party Third Arm

Democratic party: There are less than 20 days left for United States Presidential elections which are set for November 3. Current President and Republican nominee Donald Trump and his party and former Vice-President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his party campaign are trying their best to win the Americans trust by making controversial statements in the ongoing Presidential campaigns.

Trump blasted Facebook and Twitter for restraining newspaper report against Joe Biden’s son

Now in the another set of events President Donald Trump has blasted

Facebook and Twitter alleging them for being the “third Arm” of Democratic Party and their nominee Joe Biden by blocking links to the news stories that could lead to the bad image of Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Trump’s Presidential elections rival. The news reports were about Joe Biden’s son alleged business deals and questionable information.

Democratic party

Republic Party and its allies tried to portray the newspaper report so that Joe Biden and Democratic party would be left with no time to recover from news

This allegation comes after when allies of Republic Party and president Donald Trump tried to portray a newspaper story on Joe Biden’s son for the October surprise for the 2020 Presidential elections so that Democratic party and Joe Biden would be left with no time to recover from the news and the news would portray Joe Biden as impotent candidate for President, but Facebook and Twitter restrained the news distribution.

The news report by New York Post owned by Rupert Murdoch with headline “Smoking Gun Email” reported on Wednesday that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden sought to set up a meeting between his father (then Vice President) and an executive official of Ukrainian energy company of which he was serving as a board member in 2015. However, the meeting is reported to not had taken place at all, information about this meeting was obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop at a Delaware repair store.


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