Trying to save the cow, three women died in an accident 

Trying to save the cow, three women died in an accident. Stray animals ate left to wander inroads. As a result, several accidents happen in our country. Even on highways, many accidents have been reported to happen because of stray animals wandering on highways.


Recently, another accident happened wherein three women who were friends were killed in a crash as they were trying to save a cow on the road.


There were four women in a car. All of them belonged to Delhi. Three of them were killed while one sustained injuries. While they were trying to save a stray cow from being hit on the highway in Madhya Pradesh, their car overturned. The accident took place in Guna District which is 214 km north of Bhopal. As police reported the incident happened on Saturday.

Three women killed while saving a stray cow on highway:

The four women had driven from Delhi to Omkareshwar to visit a temple. However, while they were returning to Delhi, the accident took place. Rajesh Gupta, Chachauda police station in Guna District is in charge. 


The deceased identified are as follows:

Santosh Kumari- 48

Gayatri Singh-  42

Poonam Bharti-  40

Bindu Sharma (40) was driving the car. She sustained injuries. Bundu was admitted to a hospital in Gwalior. A police officer reported her condition to be stable. One woman Santosh Kumari died there on the spot. And the other two women Gayatri Singh and Poonam Bharti succumbed to their injuries on the way to the hospital in Gwalior.

As reported by a police officer, Bindu Sharma who was driving the car told the police that after spotting a cow on the road, she swerved the car’s direction and pushed the break.  However, after that, she lost control over the car. And the car hit the divider on the road following which the car overturned.


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