Twitter’s latest trend ‘binod’ is as bizarre as you expect

Everything started when a video about weird comments was uploaded on the YouTube channel. Trust Twitter to behave as the platform for such trends which may make you think, “Why on Earth is this trending!”. The latest bizarre inclusion to this list is the hilarious bouquet of jokes and memes people are sharing using the hashtag #Binod. Within this trend, everything or everyone is”Binod.”


Who is Binod, you ask? Let us fill you. It all started when a video about weird comments was uploaded to the YouTube Channel Slayy Point. Who is Binod??? “, the video details all of the bizarre comments the content creators of this channel receive on their videos. And, 1 comment from a specific person with username Binod Tharu just read”Binod.” What’s even more humorous is the comment received likes.


Sensing a perfect situation for memes and jokes, imaginative minds of Twitter captured the opportunity and shortly started sharing all sorts of opinions with the name as the hashtag.

There are some Tweets links related to #Binod:-

Here is a Twitter user that gave the latest twist into a famous scene from the film Avengers: Endgame featuring the character of Iron Man.

After seeing #Binod everywhere, everyone’s mood right now:

Who is #Binod? 

Finally found #Binod

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