U.S. surpasses 6 Million confirmed Coronavirus cases

It took the US more than three months to reach a million number of Coronavirus cases after the first infection had been confirmed. But now, it took one-third of the time to reach another million cases, according to the latest records


On Sunday, according to a database of the New York Times, the US has hit another milestone, wit six million confirmed cases.


Meanwhile, the Coronavirus cases continue to spread relentlessly, it also raising tensions as schools and colleges are taking small steps towards normalcy. The newest number of cases are showing that the outbreak is may be slowing down.

For instance, it took 16 days for the US to climb cases from four million to five million and new daily cases have gone down since the end of July.

Still, US case numbers are topping the global chart, accounting for quarter cases of the world 25 million cases.

Also, the death number in The US are far below what they were in the spring. The total number of deaths reported till now is 200,000 counts in August more than doubled the average in July.

F.D.A Chief confirms that his agency is willing to launch a vaccine before human trails complete

Dr. Stephen M. Hahn, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, who has been under pressure to speed Coronavirus treatments said in a newspaper interview that his agency would be willing to approve a Coronavirus vaccine before phase 3 clinical trials were complete if the agency finds it appropriate to do so

He told the newspaper that a vaccine developer can apply before Phase 3 ends which one of the largest and rigorous. He told that agency would make science, medicine, and data decision and will issue emergency use for a particular group rather than blanket approval.

Last weekend, the president US Donald Trump criticized the agency for working slowly on the development of vaccines and treatments. After that Dr. Hahn appeared with Donald Trump in a news conference where they made claims on the overstated the benefits of using plasma therapy for COVID 19 patients which leads in promoting the science disbelief and criticism.


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