Unlock 5: Punjab lifts Night Curfew and Sunday Lockdown As Covid cases decline in the state

On Thursday, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh announced few relaxations in the COVID 19 rules as the cases and deaths due to Coronavirus in the state are declining. The relaxations include the lifting of night curfew and an end to the Sunday Lockdown in the state. However, CM directed the DGP to strictly implement wearing of masks and other safety measures.


Relaxations under Unlock 5

Other relaxations announced are increasing the limit of people that can attend marriage functions and funerals to 100 in the state. Easing the limit of three people in a car and 50 percent capacity in the buses, with condition that windows should be open.


CM directs DGP to take strict action against violators

However, Punjab The CM Amarinder Singh directed the DGP Dinkar Gupta to ensure the proper following of COVID 19 rules and take immediate action against those who violate the mandatory masks conditions and other precautionary measures.

There should be no liberty, especially in the view of ongoing paddy procurement operations and the upcoming festival seasons.

What about the reopening of schools?

On the topic of reopening of schools, colleges, and educational institutions,  which the central government had left to the state governments to decide after October 15 in unlock 5. He said the final decision on this issue will be taken after certain thinkings between the Home Secretary and the Education Department.

Meanwhile, in a virtual meeting which was held to review the Coronavirus condition in the state. Chief Minister Amarinder Singh takes note that the cases in the state have declined appreciably and said that the restrictions imposed by the government have helped.


However, he expressed his concern over the increase in cases in the rural areas, even the number of cases in the urban areas are falling.

Amarinder Singh also directed Chief Secretary Vini Mahajan to look and arrange some provisions of vitamins and other necessary medical help to the poor COVID 19 patients discharged from the hospital.

COVID cases and deaths have declined in the state

Earlier, in a presentation, the state’s expert health Committee head  K.K. Talwar informed that the infection rate in the state has decreased from 10.85 percent on September 14 to 5.12 percent on September 28. The number of deaths and patients on the ventilators has declined appreciably in this period.

Currently, the state death rate due to Coronavirus stands at 2.9 percent, with deaths per million at 112.5. The recovery rate has gone up to 82.1 percent.


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