US and China tensions rise with imposition of visa restrictions in Tibet row

The US and China tensions rise with the imposition of visa restrictions in Tibet row
The US and China, the two superpowers have imposed visa restrictions on each other in a tit – for -tat moves over their disagreement on the Tibet issue. Washington and Beijing have imposed restrictions on each other.


China recently announced that it would restrain American citizens who have ” behaved badly” on the Tibet related issues from receiving visas. This restriction is a response to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s announcement that the US will impose travel bans on the Chinese official it says are restricting foreigners access to Tibet.


The restrictions follow under the 2018 law passed by Congress that aims to pressure China over its tight restrictions in the Himalayan region which have only escalated since the laws initial passing.

Visa Restrictions

Chinese foreign minister has expressed China’s “firm opposition” to the visa restrictions and has urged Washington to ” immediately stop” interfering in China’s internal affairs through Tibet related issues. Mr Pompeo said that he was taking action on unstated numerous official under the new US law that pressures China to let Americans visit the far west region. He said China ” continued systematically to obstruct travel ” to Tibet while Chinese officials and citizens ” enjoy far greater access to the US”. China’s foreign minister said that it would limit Visas of the US officials who engaged in such acts regarding Tibet.

It didn’t specify which actions or officials be targeted. The ministry added that 500 diplomats and 343 foreign journals had visited the region from 2015-2018.
Other than this, Military tensions have also risen recently as the US sends off two aircraft carrier groups to the South China sea for the first time since 2014 in a move that came as china conducted military exercises in the area.


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