‘US election choice between American dream and socialist nightmare’: Donald Trump

US election

There is not much time left for closing of voting for the Presidential elections in US. With just less than 4 days left for closing of voting that is set for November 3, a close fight is still going on between both the candidates, current US President and Republican nominee Donald Trump and Former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.


While addressing his supporters Trump said that he is against the ‘worst’ candidate in history of US Presidential politics


President Donald Trump while addressing his supporters hit out at election rival Joe Biden saying hat the November 3 Presidential elections is a choice between the American dream and a socialist nightmare, adding that according to him Joe Biden is the ‘worst’ candidate in the history of US Presidential elections politics. According to the national polls, Trump is trailing behind Biden in polls, but still coming up fast and catching up with his rival. While addressing his supporters, Trump also added that US might turn up like Venezuela if Joe Biden is voted to power.

Donald Trump

Trump said that until he is President he will not let America become a socialist country

Trump said that as long as he is elected as President of United States, America will never be a socialist country. He added that this election will decide whether America’s children are condemned to misery of socialism or if the children will be able to inherit the American dream. He continued saying that he along with his government are going to defeat the Marxists and the socialists and the rioters, the flag burners and the left wing extremists along with the anarchists. He added that with the support of America he will fight for the American workers.

Trump has always said in his rallies that his opposition stands for socialist communist party while Trump stands with proud people of Cuba and Nicaragua and Venezuela in their righteous struggle for freedom.


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