US presidential elections from India’s point of view

US presidential

US presidential elections: S Jaishankar external affairs minister said that the existing US presidents have planning to increase the level of relationship with India. He also said that India has a Bi-partisan system in the American political system.


What does External Affairs Minister say?

He stated that whoever wins the elections in the US democrat or Republican India s’ relationship will not be affected by these elections. These US presidential elections will be held in November 2020.


Jaishankar said that India-American is a unique community that has arrived in US democracy. There are about 1.2 Million Indian-American people in this American Democracy.

He states the difference between the last 4 US presidents which are 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans. He said they all are different from each other in making relationships with India. We cannot predict Joe Biden for the upcoming relations with India. As Donald Trump and Joe Biden, both are Good leaders in their way.

US presidential elections

He said that Each of 4 President of the US has developed has come to India and develop their relations with their limits. Nowadays debates between the candidates in the US many of them contain the same point of India. He believes that India is Bipartisan and will support American politics too.

Minister also said that the approach of these candidates towards Indian-Americans will represent their relations with India too. Joe Biden has also appointed Kamla Harris as his running mate who is a daughter of an Indian mother and Jamaican father.

Trump has involving India in these democratic elections by making an event called “Howdy Modi” in last September. Trump has also visited India for the event which was organized by PM Narendra Modi. The Event was in Gujarat, India, and named as “Namaste Trump”.

According to the survey of Asians Americans suggested that many of the Indian-Americans will give their vote to the Democrats in the upcoming elections. So there is a big chance for Democrat to win this election.

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