USA says, China deployed 60,000 soldiers at LAC with India, dialogue and agreements will not change its ways

China and India

The United States of America appears to be admitting itself that a more strong action may be required to compel China to withstand the international laws. The USA Said that it is time to accept that dialogues and agreements are not enough to force China to change its offending conduct.


Robert O’Brien, Advisor of US National Security,  said that China has tried to seize the LAC with India as a part of its territorial aggression. Similarly, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo showed related emotions to the matter and said that China has deployed 60,000 soldiers at the Line of Actual Control with India.


Pompeo comments on China

On Friday, During an interview, Pompeo said that The Indians are seeing 60,000 Chinese soldiers on their northern border.

He further said, “I was with my foreign minister companions from India, Australia, and Japan, among a format we call a Quad which consists of four big democracies, four powerful economies, four nations, each of whom has real risk allied with the threats imposed or attempted to be imposed by the Chinese Communist Party and they see it in their native countries.”


He further added that all the people of the Quad nations agree that we have snoozed for so long on this matter. For decades, the West tolerated the Chinese Communist Party to walk all over us. The earlier administration bent the knee too, frequently allowed China to seize our intellectual properties and the millions of jobs that come along with it.

The dispute between China and India

China and India have been hooked in a dispute over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) for the few past months. The USA has also very well known for the rise of China as it seeks to end the international orders issued by western leadership.

In recent times, the relationships and ties between India and the USA have improved greatly as both countries want to demonstrate a united front againstChina.


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