What is Joe Biden’s bucket list if he wins elections this year ?

What is Joe Biden’s bucket list if he wins elections this year?


Joe Biden, the former Vice President who’ll be challenging the president of the United States in the next presidential elections going to be held in November 3rd this year.


Biden raised most of the virtual fundraising from his residence in Delaware. The Democratic presidential nominee has also proposed some measures to gain a victory over White House If he wins the election this time.

Joe Biden’s bucket list is:-

  • To mend the problems related to the inequality in health care.
  • To consolidate the gun control system and military.
  • Maintain and repair the overall policing of the country.
  • Furnishing with community colleges
  • Strike out the loan debt for students
  • Upgrade the infrastructure of the country
  • Raise more expenditure for enhancing the green energy
  • Encourage people with providing measures for the Americans to but their own homes first, so that they don’t have to pay rent anymore.
  • Elevate the allied minimum income and impose taxes on corporations and other well off people.
  • But above all the initial and ultimate goal will be beating the corona-virus pandemic.


Donald Trump has managed to propose his second term plans with effectiveness and had also announced the corona-virus will completely go away on its own. This statement of the president lead to disappoint.

Some Democrats alert Biden for launching a lengthy to do list. Biden also announces some plans including a USD 700 billion funding in investment in development of US tech films.

Also USD 2 trillion in green energy and USD 775 for the care and supervision of children, old age people and other persons with disabilities.

Biden is constantly trying to win against Donald J Trump by some or the other means.
On 22nd July he said Trump is the first President of the country who deals with people based on their race, cast, origin.

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