What Is ‘Netflix Jail’ and Why It Puts Netflix at a Disadvantage

You must have seen the term ‘Netflix Jail’ being used by anime fans. Despite acquiring more anime shows for its subscribers, Netflix is facing a large amount of discord from the anime community. Here we will explain to you what Netflix Jail actually is and why is it putting the streaming service at disadvantage.


What is Netflix Jail?

Netflix Jail term is used to describe the time difference between the Japanese broadcast and eventual Netflix release date of an amine show. Fans are disappointed because Netflix hasn’t begun weekly simulcasting the anime show while it is being broadcast in Japan.


Anime fans have to wait for several months before its arrival on Netflix. Although Netflix’s ‘Original Net Anime’ series don’t have any issue with this release style, the anime fans outside Japan have to watch them on illegal anime streaming sites. In response to this, Netflix says that they have to dub the anime show in over 30 languages before releasing it internationally.


Impact of Netflix Jail on Netflix

Along with the frustrating anime fans, other competing streaming services are also adding to the pressure on Netflix. Crunchyroll is taking over Netflix in the game of simulcasting the anime shows. This is because Crunchyroll has been simulcasting anime shows is nine languages including Arabic, English (US), French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America), and Spanish (Spain).

Netflix has been simulcasting Originals for a while, but not for anime. Many anime fans have been avoiding Netflix and subscribing to other streaming services like FUNimation and Crunchyroll. Netflix should take the required steps as soon as possible in order to regain its anime fans.

How it can be resolved by Netflix?

The only way, Netflix can resolve this problem is by simulcasting the anime shows for the viewers outside Japan. English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese include the majority of the anime audience. It would generate positivity from the anime fans if Netflix begins to simulcast the anime shows at least in the mentioned languages.

As soon as Netflix believes that simulcasting is successful, they can start simulcasting anime shows in various other languages.


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