World Elephant Day 2020: In The Shadows Of Vanishing Giants

World Elephant Day 2020: The world elephant day is observed on the 12th of August every year. In 2017 on the eve of the world’s elephant day, a life-sized ice sculpture of an elephant was placed in Union Square in Manhattan. Many wondered a marble sculpture of the elephant would have been a permanent option. As the day ended, the ice-made sculpture of the jumbo melted into a puddle, depicting the reality of a fast extinction of this innocent animal.


While the ice-made sculpture of the elephant in the Union Square in Manhattan vanished three years ago, the god-made elephants continue to vanish till today.


Human-elephant Conflict

There is abundant information available on these giants which tell about many hidden traits found in these creatures. Elephants are very much creative, highly intelligent, playful, and mournful. However, thousands of elephants lose their lives every day due to a lack of humanity. Humans kill them for their greedy needs.

There is a human-elephant conflict on a daily basis, leading to some severe consequences. These conflicts mainly occur in densely populated areas. As per the WWF data, in India, nearly 40 to 50 elephants die in these conflicts every year.

World Elephant Day

No one can forget about the brutal incident that happened in Kerala. Saumya, an elephant in Kerala, died after consuming a fruit-filled with explosives.

These brutal incidents expose the reality of how humans are treating these speechless animals. These jumbos are forced to change their natural behavior and abandon their gentleness towards humans and civilizations.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus outbreak has shattered the world economy. Thus, the global economy is now trying to revive itself, forgetting its role towards animal welfare. Usually, developing countries such as India focus more on economic recovery at the expense of the environment. One such example is the modification in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) by the government.

What we can do?

In order to protect these mighty animals, the need of the hour is to realize about this crisis. We also need to fight for the animal’s rights and protect them from deadly human-animal clashes.

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