World’s highest motorable village Komic achieves 100% Covid vaccination

The world’s highest motorable village has set a new standard for COVID-19 vaccinations. The village is known as Komic and is located in the remote part of Lahaul and Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh.


The village has managed to achieve 100% COVID-19 vaccinations for ages 44 and above for its residents.


Odds against its favour

The village is situated at a height of 15,500 feet. The villages had said that they were strictly conforming to the guidelines issued by the state. A resident called Palzor said, “If we walk out of our houses, it’s only for farming. The older generation stays home with the children.” Hence, it seems that they have been taking a lot of precautions.

Also, the villagers of the Komic have shown an immense response to getting vaccinated. The majority of the villagers had been inoculated ahead of the second wave of the virus.

When it comes to the people above the age of 60, 101 people have been vaccinated. 150 villagers have been inoculated with the second dose of the vaccine.

After, its the Youth

The area suffers from connectivity issues but it seems that the youth is equally enthused for getting vaccinated in Komic. “After seniors, now youngsters are enthusiastic about getting vaccinated. The challenge in this area is limited internet connectivity so it becomes difficult for them to log on to the Co-Win portal to get registered”, was the statement given by Padma of ASHA.

The Additional District Magistrate of Kaza had said that the offline registration for vaccination was allowed in the area. The Deputy Commissioner of Pankaj Rai said, “Now 80% of the registration for vaccination is being done offline. Booking is done by calling up the health department and the slot is allotted based on lottery. 20% of the registration are still being done online but everyone has to first register for vaccination.”

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