Your napping and viewing habits may be increasing your risk of depression: Study tap to know

Risk of depression: Recently, the American Journal of Psychiatry provided the most comprehensive picture to date of all the possible factors that lead to the risk of developing depression, through their study. Lifestyle behavior such as sleeping patterns, diet, exercise and fitness, environment, socializing, media are also included in it.


Dr. Karmel Choi, the investigator in the department of psychiatry and the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public health, and the lead author of the paper said that the researchers have for now focused only on a couple of risks and protective among them the leading cause of disability spreading worldwide is DEPRESSION.



In regard to this, a database was done by the researchers of more than 100,000 participants in the UK Biobank Cohort study to make out what factors responsible for depression.

As a result, it appeared that the habit of daily time napping and regular use of multivitamins are associated with depression risk. But deeper research is required to know how these might affect or contribute.
The Coronavirus resulted that people spend hours watching TV, this may be an additional factor associated with depression.

In other researches, researchers also found that socializing with other people is a behavioral factor that can prevent depression, even for people highly prone to depression either because of their early life traumas or genetics.
Visits with family and friends are also the very important and protective effects of social connection.

COVID -19 took a test of people’s mental health too. In the time of lockdown, when many people faced separation from family and friends, people were lonely and this increases the risks of depression.

Here are some activities that may reduce or prevent the risks of depression:-

• Engaging in some sought of exercises or yoga.

• Preventing unnecessary medicines.

• Be active in your social life.

• Eat healthily.

• Listen to good music and read what you love.

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