Bio-bubble will be home for commentators & crew members for next two months

Bio bubble

Bio-bubble will be home for commentators in UAE till the end of the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) 13th edition. After a couple of weeks of quarantining in a five-star hotel, the commentators will report to the Star Sports studio from where they will do commentary for the 13th edition of the IPL starting from 19th September.


A strong crew of around 800-1000 people involved with the telecast of the 13th edition of the IPL will work from UAE and will stay inside a bio-bubble. Not only the telecasting team but also commentators from around the world will remain inside.


Dr. Pratit Samdani along with his strong medical team which includes other doctors like Dr. Kelkar and Dr. Shah are closely monitoring the health-related aspects.

Dr. Pratit Samdani

Origin of ‘Bio-bubble’

The concept of ‘Bio-bubble’ has come from Star India-Walt Disney. Dr. Pratit Samdani explained that it is an imaginary bubble resembling that of a balloon and all the related people will stay inside this bubble together but without any physical contact with each other or anyone outside the bio-bubble.

The main purpose of this imaginary bubble is to protect the players and other team members from getting infected from the coronavirus.

However, being inside the bio-bubble doesn’t mean that the players and team members are not to be in physical contact with each other. Everyone living inside the bio-bubble will undergo several COVID tests in order to decrease the chances of getting infected.

Many commentators from different parts of the world will fly to UAE for the 13th edition of the IPL. However, one must remember that staying away from the family for more than two months that’s too in the quarantine like condition, it can be a tough task for the players as well as for the entire telecast team.

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