Gary Bettman Net Worth: How Rich is the Commissioner of the NHL?

National Hockey League is one of the biggest sports institutions of the world. This time we are going to talk about Gary Bettman. If you do not know, he is the commissioner of the NHL. He has been the top man in the world of Hockey for some time now.


Before this he had been working for the National Basketball Association. He is a graduate of Cornell University and has done his law from NYU. It has been said that he is doing an amazing job at the NHL. This is because the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a serious blow to the revenues of all the sports out there. But, the NHL still managed to make revenues upwards of $4.4 billion.


Gary Bettman: Who is he?

As we told earlier, he is a New York city lawyer. He is currently serving as the Commissioner of the National Hockey League. Now, if you are someone who is new to the world of Hockey, then we should tell you that the NHL is a big thing. This is because it controls every regulatory aspect of this game.

Moreover, it has immense presence in 2 countries. Plus, every aspiring player of the game wants to play in NHL. So, now you can gauge the importance of this position.

Gary Bettman: His Net Worth

Now, the job of the commissioner of the NHL is a huge thing. So, you can assume due to the importance of this position, he must be drawing a huge salary. We mean that he is at the helm of a managing a $6 billion industry.

And his net worth speaks to the same. He is worth about $35 million. His tenure at the NHL has been a positive one. This is despite the fact that he had to handle the cable wars and the pandemic and still managed to keep the system afloat.

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