IPL 2020: Why is IPL a batsman’s game? Former KKR coach spells out

KKR coach John Buchanan: Not just the IPL, but the T20 format in general is batsman-driven. There are games with bowlers ruling the match but the flurry of massive hits often blurs the art of fast bowling. Former KKR coach John Buchanan, one of the most successful coaches in World Cricket, pointed out why batsmen take away all the limelight from the bowlers in the T20 format. Having won the World Cup twice as a coach for Australia, he also holds the record for having the highest win-percentage in his coaching career (approximately 70% in all three formats of the game).
In a recent talk show of Sportstar Extras IPL Special show, Buchanan said, “I think lately, the IPL really rewards batsmen who can play shots all over the ground and have the power to hit the ball with ease. On the other hand, batting has an advantage over bowling because teams practices batting a lot more than they practice bowling”. The 67-year-old and two-time World Cup champion feels the batsmen are constantly improving by working on their skills longer at the nets compared to the bowlers.


“Batsmen face the quick bowlers at the nets, then they get throwdowns from coaches, they also practice with the bowling machine, they are constantly improving their game. But the bowlers have a restricted amount of bowling. If they can bowl enough deliveries during practice sessions throughout the course of the tournament and with more accurate skill-based training, then they can deliver on the choices they create. This can make the T20 format more balanced”, said the former Kolkata Knight Riders coach who was in charge of the franchise for the first two editions of the IPL.



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