Joe Namath: Net worth of the player

Joe Namath

Joe Namath is one of the most popular players in the American football history. He was a quarterback and is one most valuable players of all time. In this article we are going to talk about his life and shed some light on his net worth. Therefore, let us dive straight into it.


We are talking about him because he recently turned 78. During his career he was adjudged as the Most Valuable Player two times and also led his team Jets to the trophy. But, before delving into his career, let us talk about his childhood and how he became a footballer. It has been revealed that his father was a steelworker. Moreover, since he was a child, he was extremely good at sports. We mean that whatever he used to play, he used to excel at the same. Right before he was about go off from college, he got offers from several baseball teams but never accepted any of them.


Joe Namath: The Football legend

Now that we have introduced you to Joe and how his career came to be, we have to talk about how he became one of the greatest footballers of all time. It begins back when he was college. It is said that he was so great that his skills made him take the team to win the finals. This is the highest level of college football that is played in the country.

Then he was selected in the AFL drafts in the year 1965. So, he played for the New York Jets for 14 seasons. Some people do not know this but he also had a small acting career and he was known as “Broadway Joe”.

Now, let us get down to his net worth. As of 2021, Joe Namath is valued around $25 million. Most of this is due to his career as a footballer.