Jon Rahm Net Worth: The Skilled Golfer, Career & Earnings

If you’re a person who is into sports, you probably have heard of the name of Jon Rahm. Now, if you’re someone who’s into Golf, you know that he is the number 1 golfer according to World Golf Rankings. This was after he emerged victorious in the Memorial Tournament back in July.


This excessive success of this person has got to people wanting to know how much is he worth. Now, Jon has recently found out to be positive and he was at a six shot lead in the Tournament but then he checked out.


Jon Rahm: Very Disappointed

Recently, due to him coming out to be corona positive, he expressed his opinions online. He said that he was “very disappointed”. He added on by saying that he was trying to return to the game. Jon also informed about his family and said that they were taking all the precautions possible. He added further and said that he cannot wait to return to the golf course.

Rahm can only return to the course only if he tests daily and he would be allowed to use the indoor facilities. We hope that he and his family recover in a speedy manner. He has been playing golf since a long period of time. Jon Rahm has won 11 college tournaments and he is the person to win most amount of college tournaments and is second to only Phil Mickelson.

Jon Rahm: Net Worth

Now, as we have said that Jon is a prodigy when it comes to golfing. He was the former number amateur golfer and is only second Spanish golfer to have such a feat to his name. Since he has been playing for a while now, he has had several titles to his name. Several of these titles have a large contribution towards his net worth.

His net worth is about $13 million.

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