MLB Will Be Staying On TBS Through 2028 According To New TV Deal.

MLB Staying On TBS

Major League Baseball (MLB) will be now staying on TBS after a latest clause between MLB and Turner sports, which will run till 2028.


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As a part of the agreement between MLB and TBS, TBS have to shift its Major League Baseball game of the week from Sunday to Tuesday night, starting in the year 2022, airing through the full season.


Reportedly, the Tuesday nights franchise will present a brand new studio programme hosted by the host of Inside the NBA show, Ernie Johnson and initial stars of MLB Pedro Martinez, Jimmy Rollins and the new face Curtis Granderson. The latest studio team will launch during 2020 MLB postseason starting with the American League Division Series. As per the sources, Curtis Granderson will also donate to Bleacher Report.

The TBS postseason schedule won’t be altered. It will commence one wild card game and one League Championship, along with two of the four division series every year, changing between the American and National League every consecutive year.
The postseason of 2020 was hugely extended to have 16 teams, more than the common 10 due to the pattern of the short, 60 game season.


The commissioner of MLB Rob Manfred currently gave a green signal to keep the latest extended format to go forward. He stated that, they’re delighted to expand their strong relationship with Major League Baseball and the chances this deal offers them as they broaden their coverage of the games across all their platforms.

The chairman of Warner Media News & Sports Jeff Zucker added : They will not stop to further gradually develop their multiplatform delivery of content, majorly focusing on storytelling and all styles innovation.

TBC has been premiering MLB Games long back since 1973.

Rob Manfred expressed that, they’re preparing for another year of thrilling baseball in October, he feels proud that Turner sports will be a segment of postseason as they have extended long term partnership.


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