Rio Ferdinand Net Worth, Career, Assets & Earnings

If you’re someone who likes to watch Football, then you must know who Rio Ferdinand is. He is one of the most talented and famous English football players of all time. Now, he has retired and appears on BT sport as a football scholar. His career has been a remarkable one.


Rio has managed to represent his country about 81 times. He played as the centre back for the team from the year 1997 to 2011. Rio had played for the famous Manchester United and has also played in the FIFA World Cup about 3 times. So, now that we know who he is and we have refreshed your memory, let us talk about how much he is worth.


Rio Ferdinand: Early Life

This renowed player was born in the year 1978 on 7th of November. He spent his childhood in Peckham where had large family. His family consisted of a large number of members from his father’s side also. He had an amazing set of parents who were incredibly hard working.

His mother would take care of the family. Rio’s father would work by stitching clothes and dresses and would earn a living to support his family. But, his parents were never actually married and parted ways when he turned 14 years old.

Rio Ferdinand: Net Worth

Now, let us move to the question that all of his fans have been waiting for. Since he had been a player for a long period of time, he has managed to make a name for himself in the sport.

It was said that he was earning a salary of about 7 million pounds as some reports mentioned back in 2020. Therefore, his net worth is estimated to be about $75 million. We agree that it is a reasonable amount of money for all the work that he has put in for his country, clubs and now being a voice of the game.

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