Tropical Storm to hit Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tropical Storm at Tokyo 2020

We had all been waiting for Tokyo Olympics 2020, which got delayed because of the pandemic. It seems a tropical storm is heading for it. The meteorological department of Japan has warned that a storm will hitting Japan soon and is going to affect Tokyo. Therefore, it seems after all the problems, the 2020 olympics is again in some trouble. Let us try to find out more about.


The met department has named it Nepartak. It will be hitting the Kanto region of Japan is also going to affect the city of Tokyo. The department has also gone to say that the storm will cause disruptions as it will bring rain, strong winds and thunderstorms. Moreover, they have said that the storm tends to strengthen as it comes closer to the coast.


Tropic Storm at Tokyo 2020: Preventive Measures

Due to this people have been asking the committee what are they going to do about it. The organising committee of the olympics has said that it is going to take preventive measures against the storm. Hence, they have delayed rowing for the next 2 days. They have also said that the game of archery has also been cancelled due to the severe weather conditions.

People also spoke to Takaya Masa who is the spokesperson for the event. She has said that the committee recognises the fact that change of schedule has a severe impact on the players. She has also said that the committee is closely looking at the typhoon to see if it changes direction.

Moreover, the tropical storm may also cause damages, so the possibility of preventing those damages is also being looked for.

Christophe Dubi said, “[…] the abilities of the Japanese Meteorological Agency and their abilities to foresee what’s coming up is a very big plus, so we’re fortunate to have such technology made available”

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